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Restaurant & Bar Magic that gets them talking and keeps them coming back for more!

Let Award Winning Magician Cory Leonard's 30 years of experience & know-how make Your Family Night Magical! 

For over 30 years Cory Leonard has been a trusted name in quality family entertainment!

"We have many patrons come in on our kid's night and ask for the magician. We highly recommend him for your entertainment needs, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future." 

Paul Talley General manager at Golden Corral in Peoria, IL

Cory has performed amazingly successful Family Nights at restaurants all over Illinois! Cory's brand of comical, non stop entertainment will have your customers laughing hysterically and left wondering...HOW DID HE DO THAT!??! 


"Cory's always prompt, professional, and a great deal of fun! Children in our dining room love him, as do their parents. Our bar patrons are equally enthusiastic about his performance. We are building a nice repeat business on the night he is here."


Deborah Walin Owner at Gator'z Grill in Varna, IL

Your Customers will not only return for the GREAT FOOD, but for the AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT happening at every table where the magic happens in their hands!!


"We have a lot of positive response from people who come back again the next week, with friends or neighbors in tow, because they not only enjoyed the food... but are anxious to see what else you have up your sleeve. It is a welcome relief to have someone so easy to deal with."


Johnny Ray's Sports Bar & Grill Mendota, IL


Cory's comical personality and HUGE variety of close-up magic ensures that your customers will always see something new!


"We love hearing the gasps, laughs, and applause throughout our dining room. Thank you again for providing such a unique family friendly service. Our customers love it!"






Travis Guthman Owner at Pizza Peel Lacon, IL 

So what are you waiting for?? Give me a call and let's create an amazing magical experience that will have your customers talking!! Word of mouth is a great advertising tool that works!

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