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Event Entertainment You'll be thrilled with!

Live interactive entertainment that will have your audience on a roller coaster ride of astonishment and laugh out loud fun!



Unusual, strange, and hilarious...

Cory's brand of high energy stage shows have everything it takes to entertain your large or small group! They'll be blown-away with this Family Friendly, Comical, Magic and Mind reading experience!

This presentation will fit all of your event entertainment needs!


My Stage shows encompass audience interaction and lots of audience participation! There are lots of photo and video quality, hilarious moments that your guests will enjoy for a long time!! Meet the worlds only clairvoyant goose! Enjoy hearing your guests react loudly with laughter and applause at being amazed!! Watch as Cory will really read the minds of your guests!!

Watch as Harry the Snake attempts to find your much more! You'll enjoy ambient music to create the ideal mood and environment for a wonderful, magical experience!


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All Videos

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Strolling Magic

A truly magical experience

Close-Up Magic..... Up Close


This is the kind of magical entertainment that happens right in the hands of the spectator! Experience amazing impossibilities and shocking card mysteries! Be fooled as the magic happens right under your nose!!


Cory's style of close up magic is perfect for all ages. You'll see mind bending sleight of hand mixed with personality that is wacky enough for the kids but sophisticated enough for adults!

It's an experience that is ideal for anything you can imagine.


This style of magic creates an engaging, magical experience that will keep YOUR guests talking about YOUR event for years to come!!


Strolling Magic is by far Cory's most requested service for a reason.... it works!


I have many packages available! Combination or individual and multiple day discounts available!

Why corY?

Booking entertainment for any event can be a daunting task..

Let Cory's 30 years of performance experience ease your mind!

Call Cory today to relieve that stress knowing that he will transform an ordinary night into a memorable event!

100% Guarantee

I do over 200 amazingly successful shows per year, and I have a list of many happy clients!

I'm so confident that your audience will be totally thrilled with my show, I've added the 100% love it or pay nothing guarantee!

Cory's goals

My #1 goal is to make your event a HUGE success no matter what it takes!

Professional, Flexible, and Dependable

Gives you piece of mind to focus on the other details of your event knowing the entertainment is 100% covered!

If you're looking for a professional entertainer who is easy to work with and who will guarantee to make your event a truly memorable experience....

Don't hesitate and call Cory today!! 


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